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Peacock Jamboree Flamenco Poppycock Passion Butterfly Wings The River Runs High
Lavender Teardrops Sioux Blue Raven Wings The Kingfisher Calypso Carnival Girl
The Bride Circus Warrior The fairy Queen By Starlight The Chorus Girl
Colorado Day& Night The Golden peacock Shakti Fire Grape-a-licious The Sioux
Copper Mine Topaz and the Sapphire The Little Parrot The Chicasaw The Fluffy Zebra Copperhead
Serengeti Peacock Shells Modern Abstraction Reggae Woman The fluffy flighty Dash of Drama
The Rainbow Connection Lady Godiva Teal Fluffies The Shaman's Trance Queen of the Dead Blanca
Phantome Gaia Gold The Petite Parrot Dayglo Navajo Polka Princess Autumnal
Vanilla Flighty Peacock fronds Maia Domino Roller Derby The Bees Knees
Tiny pink gypsy The pinup pair Peacock Sapphire A touch of Autumn Rapunzel The Toucan
Vamped Out The Hopi Jester Starlette Urban Cowgirl The Domino Effect
Black Gold The Showgirl The Jack-o-Lantern Persephone Little Anemone Claret Feathers
Haunted Sahara Peacock Ear clip Copper River Blue Eyes The Goth Chick
Borealis Peacock Tresses Halloween The mayan The Lakota The Drama Queen
Phoenix Rising The River Fairy Little Wing Purple Eye The Medicine Hat mare Amethyst Crystal
Peacock Sunburst Motif Pegasus The Amulet Quoth the Raven Wyoming Asymmetrical Swords




The designs shown above feature feature feathers from multiple sources, and I cannot always guarantee the source of the feathers. For your convenience, I have created a gallery of all my cruelty free designs below.




Cruelty Free Designs

The designs shown below are guaranteed cruelty free. Feathers are sourced from pet birds or birds just used for egg laying (not meat production). I also use faux suede instead of real suede, so no animals were harmed period to make any of these items.



Sunbeam Seeds of Light Parrot Feather Sunburst Chartreuse Azure Flight Monet Dreams
Rivana Papaya In the fog Patchouli On a cloud The Cherokee
Rainbow Red Key Lime Pie Sun Dappled Red Eye Kiwi The Red Macaw





For the names of my items, just hold your mouse over the image, and the name of each piece should appear. Many of the items on this page were photographed by my friend Sea Jae. Items are for sale in my etsy shop. I frequently discontinue items on etsy if they don't sell well, but I can always create anything on this page for you, even if it is no longer for sale on etsy. My work is fully customizable to your needs. A full list of customizations for my items is found here. A FAQ page about my work containing warranty information can be found here.




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If you already own a piece of my work, feel free to email me with a photo of you to add to the gallery! My Twitter Account My Facebook page